”When I returned from Los Angeles, I had learned a lot about myself and the acting career. The Masterclass that I took was very useful except that I did not know where to start. I decided to meet Vanessa and she recommended me to take career counseling sessions. From the first session, she established a plan and goals to achieve. At the end of the fourth, I had achieved all my goals. Now I had everything I needed to get started. I realized my acting demos, got auditions – speaking roles, acted in an advertising campaign and so on. It is thanks to her patience and dedication to teach that she trains great actors. Without these consultations, I would never have had such good results.”

-Adina Darie, Actress


Our objective is to help you achieve your next career goal, wether it is to find the perfect agent, manager or to guide and support you towards the next level, our career counselling is going to give you all the tools to optimize your business as an artist.
Career counselling consists of a 3 months engagement that includes:
  • Coach at your disposal at all times for advice and tips.
  • Biweekly meetings.
  • Analyze of your material + optimization if needed (demo / headshot / resume etc.)
  • And much more
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